Matt Perkins

Front-end developer in Charlotte, NC


I got my start with Photoshop in the early 90's before moving on to web and multimedia development in 96. I fell in love with creating and pushing pixels around and have been doing it ever since.

I've done ...
  • Digital illustration and font design
  • User interface and interaction wireframe, prototype and design
  • Research, implement and champion new technologies and methodologies
  • Client side web applications
  • Mobile web design with responsive techniques
  • iOS application wireframe and prototype in Objective-C
  • Accessible Flash applications including full keyboard control, resizable text and media alternatives
  • Dynamic, Flash based template systems for creating advanced learning games and simulations
  • Deciphered cryptic documentation to create custom AICC, SCORM and SCORM 2004 tracking libraries
  • Interpret and fix code created by crazy offshore developers and vendors
  • Mentor junior developers and partner with vendors to continually up skill my team


Work samples coming soon! Until then, take a look at my Behance portfolio.


SCOMaster Game 2008
I created this two player game to teach SCORM 2004/LMS reusable learning object concepts. In the game, two players built learning programs by competing for pieces as they came in from the development team. Players were rewarded for reuse (stealing) completed pieces from each other's learning programs. Players use Nintendo Wii remotes to controll the curors.
Scientia 2009-10
This was my fifth and last reusable template system for WBTs. Beyond my older template's interaction customization capabilities, it featured a basic scripting language to allow variables and logic to be evaluated from the source XML documents.
Nori 2010-11
As I was exploring programming patterns and frameworks, I came across the RobotLegs AS3 framework. It's a really light-weight dependency injection framework that provided a really great way to modularize code. I wanted to see how it worked, so I took it apart and built a new framework for myself utilizing many of the same concepts.

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